Kids Holiday Shoppes understands this year is not “Business as usual”. We are offering 3 options to schools who wish to run a holiday shoppe this year.

Holiday Shoppes traditionally run in November and December. With the possibility schools may not be open after Thanksgiving we recommend schools run their shoppe this year before Thanksgiving.

Traditional Holiday Shoppe

  • Gift items are delivered to the school
  • Parent volunteers set the shoppe up in school
  • Students view the gifts, make their purchases and take home that day
  • Sales run from 2-5 days

Online Shoppe – Home Delivery

  • Parent letters and emails sent home to the families
  • Families shoppe and pay for gifts online
  • All gifts are shipped directly to the family’s homes
  • No gifts are in the school at any time

While traditional holiday shoppes usually give only the children in school a chance to shoppe the online shoppe will give other family members like grandparents a chance to buy gifts for their family members.

Online Shoppe combined with traditional shoppe

  • We will provide a shoppe to the school for children to purchase gifts
  • We will also send emails and letters home to the parents giving them the opportunity to shoppe online as well.
  • 2 Ways for families to share the joy in celebrating the holidays through gift giving

Your school has an opportunity to provide your children with an event they look forward to each year in a safe environment. THEIR HOME!!

Should you set up a holiday shoppe and need to cancel for any reason there is no charge.

Kids Holiday Shoppes is mindful of the difficult decision’s schools are making every day. We hope we can be of service to so many of our schools we have worked with for over 40 years.