Kids Holiday Shoppes is a simple program. It’s easy to run and risk-free.

  • You pay only for the merchandise sold
  • There are no freight charges
  • There are no hidden costs


It’s also a great way for kids to learn how to budget their money and spend wisely!

Kids Holiday Shoppes supplies everything you need to make it convenient and easy.

After you sign up, you’ll get a step-by-step welcome packet to help guide you through the entire program.

You will receive your merchandise and FREE supplies to make your Kids Holiday Shoppe a success! 

  • FREE Table Covers 
  • FREE Price Labels
  • FREE “Ready-to-Gift” Bags (3 sizes)
  • FREE Large Carry Home Bags
  • FREE Posters
  • FREE Budget Envelopes
  • FREE Parent Letters
  • FREE Cash Register App
  • FREE Pre-Programmed Cash Registers
  • FREE Shopping Baskets Upon Request


Plus you get our friendly and personal service along the way!

Simple to Run

Your merchandise for the Kids Holiday Shoppe comes pre price-coded to make it volunteer friendly!

You can also reserve a cash register with pre-programmed buttons that correspond to your retail prices.

You get FREE restocking service with FREE next day delivery.

You do NOT pay for shipping…WE DO!